KIOS seminar on HRBA in Helsinki 27.-28.9.07

HRBA to Development – Change from Needs Based to Rights Based 27.–28.9.2007

KIOS organized a seminar and workshop on human rights based approach to development in Helsinki in the end of September. The seminar day included presentations on the human rights based approach in comparison with needs based development work. Nearly a hundred participants representing non-governmental organisations, government departments, consultancy firms and universities took part. The speakers presented examples of human rights based approach in the projects they had been involved with.

The key speakers of the day

  • Leo Olasvirta, Unit for Non-Governmental Organizations, Department for Development Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Kristiina Kouros, Finnish League for Human Rights
  • Alessandra Lundström Sarelin and Maija Mustaniemi-Laakso, Åbo Akademi Institute for Human Rights
  • Ruth Santisteban, Plan Finland Foundation
  • Johanna Suurpää, Unit for Human Rights Policy, Political Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Maria Immonen, Lutheran World Federation
  • Anne Haaranen, Save the Children Finland
  • Harri Hakola, Interpedia

The following day nearly 30 participants continued learning about the right based approach in the workshop titled HRBA Principles in Project Planning. The workshop was facilitated by Päivi Koskinen and Alessandra Lundström Sarelin from Åbo Akademi Institute for Human Rights. The workshop concentrated on the planning and implementation process of a human rights based development project. The special consideration was given to the mainstreaming of HRBA principles of express linkage to rights, accountability, empowerment, participation, non-discrimination and attention to vulnerable groups.

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