KIOS Annual Report 2007 published

WOREC's Project in Nepal is one of KIOS' funded projects in 2007. Photo: KIOS

WOREC’s Project in Nepal is one of KIOS’ funded projects in 2007. Photo: KIOS

KIOS has published the English Summary of its Annual Report 2007. The Summary highlights the most important activities of the foundation in 2007, including information on project funding, project monitoring and organisational development work.

The most important operational objectives for 2007 were to direct more funding to geographical and thematic focus areas and to further develop the project monitoring and evaluation processes. According to the current strategy for the years 2004-2010 KIOS prioritizes Democratic Rights, Gender Equality and Right to Education in its funding policy, and directs its project funding primarily to countries in Eastern Africa and South Asia. During the year KIOS moved towards this objective especially by granting more funding to its focus countries.

In order to give better chances for small organisations to apply for KIOS support, KIOS introduced in 2007 for the first time Small Grant Scheme. Three organisations received funding from the Small Grants in the first year of the new funding window.

KIOS also published the Application Guide for the first time to provide more information for prospective applicants. The work on Reporting Guide continued, and the Guide is expected to be released in 2008.

Other highlights of the year were launching the new website of the foundation, organizing a seminar and workshop on Human Rights Based Approach to Development, and enhancing the project management by creation of a risk management system and developing impact assessment tools.

Key figures from 2007: • 700 funding enquiries received • 260 applications from 54 countries registered • 25 projects in 13 countries granted funding (10% of the registered applications) • 3 organisations received grants from the Small Grants Scheme • 941 900 euro of funding granted to new projects • 43 partners received funding during the year • 29 projects concluded • 36 ongoing projects in 18 countries at the end of the year

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