KIOS Annual Report 2008 published

KIOS has published the English Summary of its Annual Report 2008. The Summary highlights the most important activities of the foundation in 2008, including information on project funding, project monitoring and organisational development work.

The most important operational objective for 2008 was to direct more funding to geographical focus areas. According to the current strategy for the years 2004-2010 KIOS directs its project funding primarily to countries in Eastern Africa and South Asia, and prioritizes Democratic Rights, Gender Equality and Right to Education in its funding policy. During the year KIOS moved towards this objective especially by granting more funding to its focus countries.

Somsri Hananuntasuk (ANFREL) at KIOS' seminar 2008. Photo: KIOS

Somsri Hananuntasuk (ANFREL) at KIOS’ seminar 2008. Photo: KIOS

In 2008 KIOS launched a new Partnership Programme together with Youth Alive! Kenya. The aim of the programme is to identify and support community based human rights groups, which receive training and mentoring through the programme. During the first six months four pilot groups participated in the programme.

KIOS also published a Reporting Guide with reporting guidelines and instructions for the KIOS project partners who have received a grant from KIOS.

A highlight of the year was the 10th Anniversary seminar “Realizing Democratic Rights at the Grassroots – Experiences from Africa and Asia” in October in Helsinki, with guest speakers from KIOS partner organisations in Kenya, Uganda, Nepal and Thailand.

During the year two external evaluations were made on the work of KIOS.

Key figures from 2008: • 1 300 funding enquiries received • 341 applications from 56 countries registered • 34 projects in 18 countries granted funding (10% of the registered applications) • 3 organisations received grants from the Small Grants Scheme • 1 248 500 euro of funding granted to new projects • 55 partners received funding during the year • 19 projects concluded • 51 ongoing projects in 23 countries at the end of the year.


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