Youth Alive! Kenya and KIOS launch a new partnership programme

Youth Alive! Kenya and KIOS have rolled out a new partnership programme that aims to identify and support community based human rights groups to harness their full potential and become key human rights actors in their region and ultimately nationally. The central aspects of the programme are networking the participating groups with each other and with other relevant institutions in the country (whether governmental or non-governmental), and providing individualised training and mentoring on issues that will be identified together with the participating groups.

The pilot groups to be chosen in this programme are community based groups that have shown unique commitment to advancing human rights in their communities and who have capacity and drive to become significant human rights advocates in a wider context. The selection of the first pilot groups is currently on its way. The programme seeks to work with eight (8) selected community-based human rights groups until May 2009.

The partnership programme, currently in its pilot year of implementation, is the first of its kind for KIOS. The idea of this new programme is to get more involved in the grassroots work and share the knowledge accumulated in KIOS funded projects over the years. Besides supporting smaller human rights actors the idea is to also enhance networking between all KIOS project partners in Kenya.

Read more about Youth Alive! Kenya on their website.

If your organisation is based in Kenya and interested in becoming a part of our new programme in Kenya, please get in touch: kios@kios.fi or info@youthalivekenya.org.


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