Post-evaluation of KIOS funded projects

KIOS has published a study called “KIOS-funded projects and development in human rights – results from post-evaluation questionnaires”. The aim of the study is to analyse the results of the post-evaluation questionnaire that was sent to the NGOs that executed KIOS-funded projects which have ended from two to five years ago (i.e. projects ending between 2006 and 2009). The questionnaire developed by the KIOS staff was sent in English and French to 77 organisations in 2011. The Spanish-language version of the questionnaire was sent in spring 2012 to six projects. All in all 33 questionnaires were returned to KIOS and they came from 18 different countries.

The objective of the study is not so much academic but more practical – it is to understand how the projects funded by KIOS have influenced their environment and the contemporary human rights situation. The purpose is to assess the impact and relevance of the cooperation of KIOS with its partners and to analyse whether the activities carried out were relevant and whether they had an impact on influencing the development of human rights. In summary, the results of the post-evaluation show, that KIOS-funded projects have had a positive impact on the development of human rights. Positive impact was made in capacitating local NGOs through organizational development, in influencing decision making processes at different levels and in ensuring that marginalized people, particularly women, have greater knowledge and understanding of their rights.

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