YLE: Power of Human Rights Activists Increasing, but Lives Get Endangered

Ugandalaisen terveysoikeuksien edistämiseen keskittyneen Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) -järjestön Dabvid Kabanda. Kuva KIOS.

Two human rights defenders visiting KIOS’ Autumn Seminar 2014 were interviewed on human rights work conducted by civil society. The interview was done by YLE, a Finnish broadcasting Company.

The article states that non-governmental organisations are working around the world in very different conditions. The work for human rights is often dangerous – human rights defenders encounter resistance and harassment, even violence.

One of the interviewed seminar guests was Phyllis Omido, a Kenyan human rights defender. She has been working in particular for a community that has suffered from an environment contaminated by industry. Especially activists working with environmental questions and land rights are one of the activist groups encountering most violence.

The second interviewed seminar guest was David Kabanda, a Ugandan human rights defender. Kabanda works in CEHURD, an organization for a more equitable health care.

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