A Petition for Development Cooperation

The Government of Finland is planning to cut the development cooperation funds with 41 % in the beginning of 2016. You still have time to sign the petition for development cooperation!

“The cuts will directly affect the lives of millions. There is a risk that Finnish involvement in development cooperation could end  completely in some of the countries that Finland currently supports. The consequences of such cuts would be particularly serious for fragile states. For Finland it would be the wrong choice to refuse to help the world’s most vulnerable people.”

“Development policies are inseparable from foreign and trade policies. The new government programme specifies that Finland will bear its global responsibilities and strengthen security, sustainable development, peacebuilding, efforts to halt climate change, and the statuses of women and children. But these goals cannot be reached without development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Finland is known internationally for taking action reliably and observing agreed principles. Our reputation as a dependable partner will suffer greatly if such extensive cuts are realized so rapidly. Finland will also be setting a bad example to other EU countries by choosing development cooperation funding as an area for cuts.”


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