Helsinki Media Arts Upper Secondary School Donates for Nepal Schools

[:en]A school class in Kathmandu in the midst of studying.[:fi]Kurkistus kathmandulaisen koululuokan arkeen.[:]

Funds collected in Voluntary Work Day Campaign are being channeled for three local schools in Nepal. In cooperation with KIOS and its partner INSEC, the funds are used, for example, to build separate toilets for female pupils.

The Helsinki Media Arts Upper Secondary School decided to donate the funds collected in Voluntray Work Day Campaigns during 2014-2016 for Nepal. During these years, the pupils of the school get familiar with the themes of human rights and Nepal in the classes as well.

In cooperation with KIOS, the collected funds are channeled to schools in Nepal, where government funding for public schools is often inadequate. Local communities and other donors are often needed to contribute to the costs of running the schools.

The funds collected during spring 2015 will be shared with three Nepalese schools. The support will be used to build separate toilets for girls, a library and to purchase laboratory equipment. In Bihya Mandir Upper School in Kathmandu, the new library was opened on April 25th 2016.

The cooperation is being coordinated in Nepal by KIOS’ partner Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC). The organization is one of the significant human rights NGOs in Nepal, and has worked to promote the right to education. INSEC runs human rights clubs for pupils in the schools that are now being supported also by the Finnish Media Arts School.

The next Voluntary Day Work for Nepal in the Media Arts School is being prepared for Autumn 2016.


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