20th anniversary publication out

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KIOS’ new publication “From little things big things grow” invites you to join in our celebration of the 20th anniversary of KIOS. The publication is a look into the human rights work that civil society organisations have undertaken with the support of KIOS.

Countering risks and threats to human rights defenders in Pakistan, raising voices for access to services in Nepal, working for LGBTIQ rights in Sri Lanka, fighting for a clean and healthy environment in Kenya and addressing issues of maternal health through the courts of law in Uganda are examples of the diverse ways in which KIOS partners work to promote and protect human rights.

The publication includes stories written by fourteen organisations from South Asia and East Africa, complemented by writings from KIOS’ stakeholders from Finland and abroad.  The stories give a glimpse of what KIOS’ partners have achieved in their work to defend dignity, justice and equality.

I came to realise that it is human rights defenders on the ground, struggling non-violently, despite great personal risk, who will do most to build civil and just societies. They are agents of social change. Without them, change will happen, but not the sort of change the world needs. Without them, the sort of change we will see will be a return to the days of dictatorships and military rule.

Mary Lawlor, Founder and former Executive Director of Front Line Defenders, in her introduction.

During its 20 years of existence, KIOS has funded over 450 projects in almost 60 countries, which have made a difference at the individual, local, national, or international level. Some KIOS partners have changed individual lives by giving legal aid to the most marginalised. Some partners have pushed through improvements on national legislation and others have given statements at the UN Human Rights Council sessions to influence the whole international community.

Download the publication (pdf) to read more about the achievements of our partners!

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