New Board of Directors appointed

Portraits of seven people

KIOS Board of Directors for the year 2021 has been appointed. Ms. Nora Luoma acts as new chair of the Board and Ms. Auli Starck as Vice-Chair.

The new Board of Directors has started its work. The board members are experts in the field of human rights and development.

Chair of the new board is Ms. Nora Luoma, Vice-Chair of the peace organization Committee of 100 in Finland and communications specialist at Finn Church Aid. Vice-Chair is Ms. Auli Starck, Executive Director of The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (Vikes).

What I especially like about KIOS is that we work with grassroots projects that have a concrete impact on people’s lives. I find it important how organizations like KIOS make it possible for us to support projects grounded in local people’s needs. I believe that this way we can achieve sustainable change”, says the new chair Nora Luoma.

According to the new statutes of KIOS, the board is now smaller and the members do not necessarily represent any of the founding organizations of KIOS. However, the board members are still elected by the founding organizations, which are 11 Finnish human rights, peace and development NGOs.


Board 2021

Nora Luoma (Chair)

Auli Starck (Vice-Chair)

Sabina Bergholm

Mariko Sato

Nelly Vikkula

Juho Aalto

Tarmo Heikkilä (deputy member)