New faces at the KIOS office

Collage with four pictures of the new staff members

New staff members at KIOS: Julia Koskinen (top left), Lotta Jokinen (centre), Nora Luoma (right) and Kati Ruskola (down left).

KIOS warmly welcomes our new staff members Kati Ruskola, Julia Koskinen, Nora Luoma and Lotta Jokinen.

Ms. Kati Ruskola started as an expert in charge of KIOS’ programme in Nepal. Ms. Julia Koskinen and Ms. Nora Luoma are new programme officers. Our communications team got a new member when Ms. Lotta Jokinen started as communications planner. In addition, our experts team got its first team leader in Ms. Katja Ilppola, who has been in charge of KIOS’ funding in South Asia for many years.
We asked our new team members to introduce themselves:

Kati Ruskola, Expert

”My name is Kati Ruskola and I work at KIOS as an expert. I have a background in advancing human rights both in civil society organizations, state administration and international organizations. Before this, I worked at KIOS on various tasks as a planner and expert. Now, I’ focusing on South Asia and Nepal and the work of KIOS’ grantees in this region.

Human rights are the foundation for all peaceful and just societies that are sustainable, everywhere in the world. Supporting human rights work in today’s world is absolutely essential. Inequality, discrimination and downright marginalization of groups of people are blocking development in many countries or taking it backwards. We can’t let that happen, and KIOS supports brave human rights defenders, who are working for change in their societies.

I like different sports and painting, and at the moment I do outdoor activities, occasional jogging and reading.”

Julia Koskinen, Programme Officer

”My name is Julia Koskinen and I graduated last autumn from geography. During my studies I worked at KIOS as an intern and later as a part-time programme officer. Corporate accountability is one of my interests, and human rights have followed me during my studies and previous jobs. Before KIOS, I worked as a research assistant in a project investigating how Finnish companies are fulfilling their human rights responsibility (the SIHTI project) and in a project studying the diversity of senior management in Nordic companies (the Nordic Business Diversity Index).

My job at KIOS is to support our experts in grant administration and analysis. In addition, I support the development of our administration and fundraising. In a small foundation I get to do all kinds of things.
Justice is an important value to me, and I’m grateful to have a job where I’m able to work for human rights. Human rights are the foundation of democracy and rule of law. Realizing human rights is also key to achieving sustainable development.

In my spare time I like to learn languages, go climbing and jogging.”

Nora Luoma, Programme Officer

“My name is Nora Luoma and I have started working as a programme officer at KIOS. My job is to focus on KIOS’ funding applications and internal development and to an extent, supporting programme work. Realising human rights is central to a good life anywhere in the world and I think it’s great that a foundation like KIOS exists and that I can be a part of it.

I have studied international relations and global phenomena and worked with communications in the NGO sectors for the past few years. Another thing I should also mention about my background is that last year I chaired KIOS’ board. During the year we discussed certain areas of improvement and needs that arise from the organisation’s strategy. I am really excited to be working on these new and inspiring tasks with my knowledgeable colleagues.

I enjoy tasks related to development also outside of work because I like training my body and mind by exercising and reading. At the moment I’m working on standing on my head.”

Lotta Jokinen, Communications Planner

“I am Lotta Jokinen and I come to KIOS to work as a communications planner. Previously I worked as a Communications Manager at The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland SASK. My background is in journalism: I’ve worked at the Finnish Broadcasting Company in different positions.

I’ve studied a whole heap of subjects: I’ve majored in Finnish and Journalism but have also studied Spanish, Political Science, Contemporary Literature and Societal Change.

I work in the human rights field because I think human rights belong to everybody and this unfortunately is not true for many people in the world. Maybe I can do my part in developing those rights.

In my free time I like to ski and swim. I live in Eastern Helsinki and fortunately it has been snowing enough in the capital area in recent years, so I’ve been able to do some cross-country skiing here.”

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