Human rights are under attack – protect defenders at risk

Human rights are under attack – protect defenders at risk

What if you had to flee from your home because you defended your own rights or the rights of others? Activists around the world demand change, sometimes putting their lives at risk. 

Defending human rights is most dangerous where it is most needed. Around the world, unscrupulous states and corporations want to silence critical voices and stop activists. Bringing human rights violations to the fore and defending rights requires enormous courage. 

You can help by donating money to our Resilience Fund, which protects persecuted human rights activists when they critically need it and helps them to prepare for future security risks. 

A human rights activist can be any one of us who peacefully promotes and protects human rights. Often when those in power, whether they are states or some other actors, do not guarantee human they are also very hostile to those who demand rights. Activists know about the security threats and try to prepare for dangerous situations. These attacks cannot always be predicted, and that is when they need help fast. 




KIOS supports the work of human rights defenders in East Africa and South Asia. Every year we fund around 30 non-governmental organisations that fight for freedom, equality and justice in their own countries. Sometimes the human rights organisations and activists we support receive threats or they are attacked. With your help, we can help activists in rapidly changing situations.

The aid can be aimed at safety equipment, the services of a doctor or psychologist, legal aid, equipment to replace destroyed or confiscated equipment, emergency accommodation or to help them flee.

The support can also be proactive to organise security training and purchase safety equipment. We always give the grant to an organisation we are familiar with because the relationship based on trust ensures that the help is urgently needed. 

When a human rights defender is in danger because of their work, they are in a hurry to get help. At KIOS, the decision is made as quickly as possible so that help arrives on time. Therefore, we always need sufficient funds in our fund so that we can react as soon as we receive information from the field about an urgent need for help. 

You can help human rights activists in danger by donating to KIOS’s Resilience Fund. For example 

  • 15 euros covers a lawyer’s daily salary 
  • 38 euros covers a doctor’s visit 
  • 100 euros covers a safety bracelet 
  • 500 euros covers a flight and emergency accommodation for three nights 

Together we can protect activists at risk! Donate to our Resilience Fund and support brave action!