Summary of the year 2019

During 2019, KIOS funded 46 human rights organisations – 26 in East Africa and 20 in South Asia.

KIOS grantees’ human rights work included for example organizing human rights training for casteless women in Nepal, preventing the disappearance of new-borns through litigation in Uganda and campaigning to decriminalize homosexuality in Kenya.

KIOS gave funding to protect and promote the rights of persons and groups who are discriminated against or who are in a vulnerable position. These groups included refugees and migrants, Dalits (casteless persons), prisoners, children, sexual- and gender minorities, victims of human rights violations and human rights defenders. At the moment KIOS is the only civil society actor in Finland funding LGBTIQ-organisations in developing countries. In 2019, KIOS supported 4 LGBTIQ-organisations in East Africa and South Asia.

In Finland, KIOS communications spread the word on our most important themes, including the work of human rights defenders and LGBTIQ rights in Africa.


Year 2019 in numbers:

  • 46 KIOS-funded projects were ongoing
  • 26 in East-Africa and 20 in South-Asia
  • Some results from 13 projects that ended in 2019:
  • 800 000 people benefited directly from KIOS-funded human rights work
  • 24 000 rights-holders received human rights education
  • 800 duty-bearers received human rights education
  • 17 human rights reports were published
  • 2000 people received legal aid or councelling
  • 10 strategic litigation cases

(There were 46 KIOS-funded projects on-going in 2019. Some projects may have several themes.)

The main themes of KIOS-funded projects:

  • Human rights defenders at risk: 9 projects
  • LGBTIQ+ rights: 4 projects
  • Economic, social & cultural rights: 9 projects
  • Rule of law & democracy: 11 projects
  • Women’s rights & gender equality: 17 projects
  • Children’s rights: 3 projects
  • Corporate responsibility: 6 projects
  • Freedom from torture: 4 projects
  • Rights of migrants and refugees: 6 projects
  • Ethnic minorities & indigenous people: 1 project
  • Conflict & crises: 9 projects

(There were 46 KIOS-funded projects on-going in 2019. Some projects may have several themes.)