Summary of the year 2020

In 2020, activists managed to continue their human rights work, even in the midst of a pandemic.

KIOS focused its funding on the protection and promotion of the rights of persons who are in a vulnerable position or marginalized. Such groups included, for example, refugees and migrants, Dalits, child prisoners, sexual and gender minorities, victims of human rights violations, and human rights defenders.

Currently, KIOS is the only civil society actor in Finland that funds LGBTIQ+ organizations in developing countries. In 2020, KIOS supported four such organizations in East Africa and South Asia.

In Finland, KIOS’ communications work focused on the impact of the pandemic on human rights and human rights work.

Graph of KIOS results

The Year 2020 in Numbers

  • 40 KIOS grants were ongoing
  • 18 in East Africa
  • 22 in South Asia

Some results from 13 grants, which ended in 2020

  • 13 457 direct beneficiaries
  • 5 866 right holders received human rights training
  • 2007 people received legal aid or counselling
  • 1997 human rights cases were documented by partners
  • 22 strategic litigation cases

What are strategic litigation cases? Strategic litigation involves selecting and bringing a case to the courtroom with the goal of creating broader changes in society. This means that strategic litigation cases are as much concerned with the effects that they will have on larger populations and governments as they are with the end result of the cases themselves. When it is successfully used, strategic litigation can bring groundbreaking results. It can spring a government into action to provide basic care for its citizens, guarantee the equal rights of minorities, or halt an environmentally damaging activity.

Graph of KIOS themes in 2020