Reporting fraud and abuse

KIOS expects all of its staff members and partners to adhere to the KIOS Code of Conduct. Organisations that receive grants from KIOS have the responsibility to ensure that their relationships and behaviour are not exploitative, abusive or corrupt in any way and that no form of sexual abuse or exploitation of any persons will be conducted under their operations. The organisations will also actively prevent any harassment or abusive behaviour.

If you are a staff member, volunteer, beneficiary or partner organisation to a KIOS grantee organisation, and you are concerned that there is any form of sexual harassment, abusive behaviour or any other misconduct related to the organisation’s work, we encourage you to report your concerns to us. These might include financial irregularities, corruption, fraud, embezzlement, bullying, harassment (including all forms of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse) or discrimination of any kind.

Please report your concerns by e-mail to The reports will be handled with discretion.

You can also report suspicions of misuse using the report form of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. KIOS receives financial support for its activities from the development cooperation funds of the Ministry. You can also file an anonymous report using the form. All reports filed through the report form will be handled by the Ministry.