Human rights defenders supported by KIOS change the world both at the grassroots level and in international arenas. Every year we provide funding for around 30 organisations in East Africa and South Asia. Since 1998, we have supported over 450 organisations in almost 60 countries. See below examples of what the brave activists we support have accomplished.

Prejudices against the LGBTIQ+ persons decreased in Kenya

KIOS’s partner organization in Kenya promotes access to services and inclusion in decision-making for sexual and gender minorities in five ...

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Legal aid brought to rural women in Rwanda

A Rwandan non-governmental organisation (NGO) provides free legal counselling for rural women. It has helped them to gain ownership of farmlands they lost after the genocide.

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Security for human rights defenders in East Africa

Standing up for human rights can be extremely dangerous. In East Africa, activists have received security training and emergency aid.

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Information about the genocide reported to the world

Two Asian NGOs gathered witness statements in refugee camps in Bangladesh about human rights violations against the Rohingya people in Myanmar. The information was delivered to the International Criminal Court, which decided to continue investigating the crimes.

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Transgender rights promoted in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, transgender people have received information about their rights and have become empowered. At the same time, the understanding of the local authorities, the media and the general public about transgender people and their rights has increased.

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A dangerous industry to be brought under control in Kenya

A Kenyan slum community won a long battle in court when the authorities and a polluting metal smelter were ordered to pay € 10.2 million in compensation to the slum residents.

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Baby abductions fought in Uganda

When a new-born baby disappeared from a hospital in Uganda, a local organisation took the matter to court. The case has received much attention and has improved hospital practices and the safety of new-borns.

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Protection of women improved in Nepal

A Nepalese women’s organisation has campaigned for laws protecting women. As a result, women’s rights have been included in the new constitution of Nepal.

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KIOS Annual Report 2019

Read what our partners achieved in the last year.

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