Supporting human rights work

Human rights are the foundation of sustainable peace and development. We support the human rights work of civil society in East Africa and South Asia.



How do we treat the environment as a human right?

The seminar organised by the KIOS Foundation and the Siemenpuu Foundation discussed, among other things, green colonialism, the rights of indigenous peoples and the safety of activists.

Open call for grant proposals from Nepal

KIOS is opening a call for human rights grant proposals for organisations in Nepal. The focus is on gender equality, non-discrimination and the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Smaller organisations with limited funding opportunities are encouraged to apply.

KIOS joins campaign calling for the UN to open its doors to NGOs

Too often authoritarian states are denying human rights organisations entry to UN debates. KIOS has joined a global campaign that calls for states to take civil society participation seriously when they vote for new members to the UN body that controls NGO accreditations.

Where we work

Themes of our human rights work

Human rights are indivisible, which means that all rights are equally important. That is why KIOS supports the strengthening of all rights, be they social and cultural rights or civil and political rights. Themes of particular importance to us include non-discrimination and gender equality, democracy and the rule of law, and business and human rights.

Non-discrimination and gender equality

All people have equal human dignity and human rights. Men and women have the same rights, as do sexual and gender minorities and other discriminated groups. We support work that promotes gender equality and non-discrimination.

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Democracy and the rule of law

The rule of law and democratic rights have deteriorated pronouncedly in recent years around the world. Civil society defending democratic rights needs our support right now.

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Business and human rights

Businesses must respond to people, not the other way round. We support local groups which promote the accountability of businesses and defend the human rights of people affected by business operations.

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