Protect defenders at risk 

Defending human rights is most dangerous where it is most needed. Around the world, unscrupulous states and corporations want to silence critical voices and stop activists. Bringing human rights violations to the fore and defending rights requires enormous courage. 

You can help by donating money to our Resilience Fund, which protects persecuted human rights activists when they critically need it and helps them to prepare for future security risks.

Other ways to donate:

Mobilepay: 60783


Bank transfer

You can donate by making a transfer to the account FI78 1555 3000 1237 79 (Nordea).

To: KIOS, reference number: 1232.

Please leave your contact information in the message field if you want us to be able to contact you.

License: RA/2022/253, by Helsinki Police Department (21.02.2022). Valid in Finland except for Åland.

Where does your donation go to?

You can help human rights activists in danger by donating to KIOS’s Resilience Fund. For example: 

  • 15 euros covers a lawyer’s daily salary 
  • 38 euros covers a doctor’s visit 
  • 100 euros covers a safety bracelet
  • 500 euros covers a flight and emergency accommodation for three nights 

Together we can protect activists at risk! Donate to our Resilience Fund and support brave action! 

When you donate using the website form above, you will receive a card as a thank you gift, which you can use, for example, as a Christmas or anniversary card. If you donated by MobilePay or by making a bank transfer, send us an e-mail at and we will e-mail the card at you. Donation funds can also be used, for example, to cover the self-financing contribution of project grants.