KIOS Seminar Report on Right to Food published

Priti Darooka, PWESCR.

KIOS has released a seminar publication regarding the right food. The seminar IMPLEMENTING HUMAN RIGHTS BASED APPROACH: The Case of Right to Food was held in the fall of 2012.

The report sums up the presentations that were held in the international seminar concerning the promotion of the right to food. KIOS organised the seminar together with KEPA (umbrella organisation for Finnish CSOs which work with development cooperation) and Finn Church Aid on 18–19 September 2012.

The conclusions of the working groups of the seminar evaluate – among other things – the significance of the human rights based approach in setting up the new post-2015 goals for global development policy. The report concludes that the right to food for every human being should be included as a goal.

The topic for the seminar was derived from Finland´s Development Policy Programme which was adopted last year. The Programme emphasizes the human rights based approach as a basis for development cooperation. Consequently the report contains discussion on the meaning of the human rights based approach.

Since food security and the right to food are also questions of development policy, the seminar included discussion regarding the significance of judicial means when the right to food is being implemented.

Download the report here (pdf)

Watch the video sent to the seminar by Colin Gonsalves where he explains how the right to food has been acknowledged by the Indian legal system.

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